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It is also very easy to add an entry to the menus if you would like. By doing this, you don't run into problems with all of the output from the Firefox error stream or need to redirect the error stream to /dev/null.

Assume that you have put your firefox into a directory under your home directory, such as /home/my-dir/firefox/. (In my case, it is /home/deprice/firefox/.) Go to the System menu, into the Preferences menu, and select "Main Menu". A dialog box will open and you will be located in a tree view that contains all of the menus. If you want to put the new entry into the "Internet menu", move down through the list until you find that entry. Hit the Tab key once and you will be in a list box of the entries in that menu. (You can check or uncheck entries that you want to have displayed in the menu in this list.) Hit the Tab key twice more and you will land on the "New Item" button. Hit Enter to activate this control and a new dialog box will appear. The field you arrive in is the name field--type the name you want to have displayed in the menu, such as Firefox 3. Hit Tab and you land in the "Command" field. Type in the path to your Firefox executable--given the path above, you would type in /home/my-dir/firefox/firefox. (In my case, it is /home/deprice/firefox/firefox). Hit Tab twice and you can add a comment if you want (such as "Web Browser", but this is not required). Tab three more times and hit Enter on the "OK" button. At this point, you'll return to the first dialog box. Hit the Tab key until you land on the "Close" button, then hit enter. The Firefox 3 menu item will be in your Internet menu under the Applications menu.

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Yeah, I believe there is some stuff at the orca wiki - the usual
prefix for the gnome wiki ending with Orca/Firefox.

But what I did simply enough was to download the latest nightly build
from and extract the archive into a stand-alone
directory on your system and then run 'firefox' from that location.
Furthermore, I just went into /usr/local/bin and created a sym link to
the firefox in the recently downloaded directory.  So now I can just
type firefox from any terminal or use the menu pointers that were
already there from the dropline-gnome setup I use.

Fortunately, the single directory solutions works and seems to have no
dependencies on outside things that I don't have.


On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 01:45:33PM -0700, Donald Raikes wrote:

I installed Oracle enterprise linux last night (for the fourth time :) ).
I ran all the available updates using yum from the oracle unbreakable linux network.

The version of firefox installed is 1.5.0. I know that firefox 3.0 has a lot of accessibility enhancements, so I would like to install it.

I have tried using yum to pull from the fedora development repository, but I get a ton of missing dependency errors so yum just gives up.

Are there manual installation instructions for firefox?

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