Re: [orca-list] Firefox 3 find and alt tags

am Di 04. Mär 2008 um 14:30:17 schrieb Gaijin <gaijin clearwire net>:
For the first two of these, the only reliable indicators for
the locations on the page are images with alt tags.  Thus, I'd like to
use the find utility to move immediately to these alt tags. how does
everyone else feel about this idea?

      Personally, I'd rather have the ability to turn off the annoying
"backspace to previous web page" and "folder tabs" features.  I'm
constantly getting lost and ending up killing the program and starting
over to find a requested page again.  It's hard enough just finding one
link on a single page, without having to increase the frustration level
with 20 more page displays to navigate when you can't "see" wtf is 
happening.  I'd rather use lynx if it were more java compliant and had
some accessability keys for navigation.
Slightly OT, but you can try Links. If you compile it from the source, 
you can decide whether Java support is activated. If yu are a braille 
user, there's a terminal option that supports braille displays, so 
that you can move the cursor over the display without boundaries. 
Special navigation keys don't exist.

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