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Hello Daniel,

I'm not sure if you have your issue of surroundsound resolved yet. But if
your using pulse audio, log in as root in the gnome terminal. After this
change to the directory
/etc/pulse and edit the file daemon.conf with yoru text editor of choice.
Control-f and find the line that contains the words default-sample-channels
it should be set to two channels. Change this to 6 if your using 5.1. To
uncomment the line, remove the semicolon at the beginning of this line. Save
the file and restart your system.
After this, you will have to go to the volume control, then preferences and
make sure that these are checked
Surround sound,  LF E, and center, duplicate front, and perhaps external
amplify (Idon't think external amplify is needed though). Exit the
preferences dialog. Then rase the volumes of surround sound, l f e, and
center. After this you may need to tab where the mute buttons are located
and press the space bar to toggle the status since they are muted after
making this changes. After this, control tab to switches and check the to
boxes. The first one should be duplicate front, and the next one should be
external amplify. You can varify this by using the flat navigation keys and
checking the labels.


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On Setting Orange, day 24 of Confusion 3174, Daniel Dalton wrote:
Does anyone know how to configure surround sound either in gnome or in 
a text-console?

If your decoder/amplifier is digitally connected to your sound card, you can
simply instruct mplayer to send audio data in pass-through mode. Following
is the mplayer command to watch a video file which contains an AC3 audio

mplayer -ac hwac3 <file>

If your file contains more than one audio track, you can select the  desired
track with the -aid <num> option.


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