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Hi Paul,
The problem is that these instructions are almost impossible to follow if you are running Ubuntu inside a virtual machine and using ISO image instead of a CD. What often happens to me is that I boot up into regular Ubuntu and then enable Orca afterwards through "Sessions" dialog.


Paul Hunt wrote:
You're not doing anything wrong. It's a bug with the Orca setup program. If you type your voice selection and press enter it will (eventually) stop rambling through alternative voices and get to the next part of the setup. But if you're booting from the Ubuntu CD and follow the steps to enable accessibility you should have Orca starting automatically when gnome starts up and you don't need to go through setup. 1. Boot the CD. 2. give it a few seconds to load the language screen then press enter for English (or arrow up/down to choose another language and press enter). 3. Press F5 to get into the accessibility menu then press 3 and enter to choose Orca. 4. Press enter again to boot the system (or press down arrow and then enter to begin an installation). HTH
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    I am new to Ubuntu and Orca, and was wondering why when I hit the
    alt+f2 keys and typed orca, orca wouldn't let me choose what
    voice/language to use with it. E-Speak just kept rambling on about
    100 or so different voices or languages that it could be in, and I
    could only make it stop by  hitting alt F2 again and typing the kill
    command for orca (orca -q). What could I be doing wrong?

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