Re: [orca-list] observations on thunderbird crash


You might want to make sure this bug is documented by going to to see if the bug has been filed. If not, I would suggest that you file a bug report.

The crashes I've been getting occasionally have been handled well by their crash reporting system.

Good luck,


Garrett Klein wrote:
Never seen that happen. I just know that when I delete a message while focus is in the message window everything freezes up and I have to do a killall -9 thunderbird-bin from a console.


David E. Price wrote:

Just to clarify, this isn't the only crash behavior in Thunderbird. It
also crashes occasionally when opening a message, at least on my machine.


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Hello all,

I've figured out, based on feedback on list and my own observations,
that thunderbird only crashes while deleting a message while *in* the
message window. Pressing escape to return to the inbox and then
pressing delete causes some assertion failures but nothing else.

Any ideas?

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