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On Thu, 2008-06-05 at 13:09 -0400, Rich Caloggero wrote:
I do want to have some sort of filtering option where you can type into a 
searchbox and when you tab back to the list, you'll see it filtered 
according to what you've typed.  I'll get to this eventually.
This feature shouldn't be too difficult, or at least the idea isn't and
it wouldn't be in certain programming languages.

I would say you would need to have a full list internal to the plugin
(not just the visual list), and on change of the search box the list
view is refreshed with those items from the internal list which start
with the content of the search box. In python this would be just a
matter of populating the list from inside an if statement such as
for item in fullLinkList:

For more efficiency it might be worth considering a search button so
that code is only searched for when the user wants it, rather than every
time they press a key. I suppose it could also be done when the search
box looses focus, but this probably would look odd visually.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

As per Will's suggestion of starting with Charles' Firevox navigation code, 
I  had thought of that too. The issue for me is reading other people's code. 
When your using speech and browsing is done line-by-line, digesting and 
propperly understanding someone else's code (or even mine from days gone by) 
can be very tedious. So, I'll have to have a look and see how much of it 
makes sense to reuse.  I've talked to him in the past, so I think he will be 
ok with using some or all of the navigation code, so will give him a shout 
when I figure out how I'm going to proceede.

NOte that I have played with headings a bit, and now have an extension akin 
to linkslist which displays a list of headings which you can browse and then 
you press ok, your focus moves to the one you've selected.  Jaws does this 
very well.  I use the focusedElement of the commandDispatcher to set focus. 
Once I get next/previous heading navigation working, I'll release that one 
for people to play with.

-- Rich

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I would like to also say that this seems a good start.

I do have a couple of comments which you may wish to consider in the

Could it be possible to have it so you could type in the list and it
starts searching for that string. If in the list is not easy for a
firefox extension (I know that some GTK apps do have this ability), then
could there be a search box and the contents of the search box is used
to filter the list of links (ie. splitting how one control works in some
GTK apps into two controls).

The other comment, probably isn't really to do with your plugin, but I
noticed this when using the plugin. If you go to
and select the listen again link, then use the list of links plugin on
that listen again page, orca became very unresponsive, and it took an
amazingly long time for it to respond when the dialog got focus (not
just when it appeared, but if I were to alt+tab away and back, this is
why I think it might be more orca than the plugin as the plugin should
not be doing anything when I do the alt+tabs). I know that page has a
large number of links. Might this be something which should be filed
against orca in bugzilla?

Michael Whapples
On Thu, 2008-06-05 at 09:04 +0200, Halim Sahin wrote:
On Mi, Jun 04, 2008 at 12:22:57 -0400, Rich Caloggero wrote:
Here is the updated version, with shortcut key alt+shift+l to invoke.

Thanks really good work. one small problem with the alt+shift+l shortcut.
My german localized firefox uses this one allready. Is there a chance to 
it via add-on-settings?????

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