Re: [orca-list] Is Cut/Paste Broken in Terminal?

Hi Steve.

particulars on this but the loss of cut/paste in a gnome terminal is a
biggy in my book!  

Understood. We can restore that functionality. <smile> I've opened a bug
for it and attached a patch that works for me here:

I'm not sure what would happen if you just used a
regular click by pressing unmodified slash key on both ends of the

You'd just be clicking; not selecting. It's analogous to the difference
between arrowing and shift+arrowing: In the former, you're moving the
caret/cursor; in the latter, you are moving it as well as selecting
everything in between your former location and the new one.

Maybe an Orca hotkey could be set up for "End of selection" and map it
by default to shift-numpad-/.

But what if you had a need to Control+click? It's easier to just remove
the modifiers from the click-related bindings.

Thanks again for the report.  Take care.

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