Re: [orca-list] gnome-panel and notification area madness

What is the prefered way of obtaining the latest gnome release? If I just do:
% apt-get update
% apt-get upgrade

will this install the latest and greatest gnome stuff, or do I need to add some specific repositories to my sources.list file?

Thanx much...
-- Rich

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Subject: [orca-list] gnome-panel and notification area madness

Hey All:

We'd really like to get the gnome-panel navigation working well for GNOME 2.24. There's been a bunch of work in this space for the GNOME 2.23.x development series (see the end of this message for a list of bugs), but I'm not sure we're there yet.

If you're using GNOME 2.23.x on your desktop, can you please try working with navigating gnome-panel using normal keyboard traversal techniques and comment on the issues you're running into? I'm curious about:

0) The steps you tried and the keystrokes you typed - the more
   specific you are, the better.

1) Can you get to things via the keyboard alone?

2) Goodness or badness that Orca presented

3) If you experienced badness, what is the desired goodness that
   you would expect in speech/braille/magnification?

This will help us narrow the problems down to orca issues, general gnome-panel issues, notification area issues, and general applet issues. I'm not sure we will be able to get to all problems, but hopefully we will be able to make a noticeable improvement.



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