[orca-list] Stopping orca speaking

Hi all,

I'm using orca and emacspeak at the same time.  For the most part this works well when I'm running emacs on 
the local machine as orca realises that it can't speak the emacs window and just says "inaccessible".

However I also run emacspeak remotely from within a gnome-terminal.  The problem is that then I get speech 
from both Orca and the remote emacspeak.

What I would like to have is a toggle similar to that available in speakup which basically says "stop 
speaking until I tell you to".  This would work as a global option but would be even more useful for me if it 
could be toggled on a per window basus.

Does such a thing already exist and have I missed it or would it be possible to implement?

I would be willing to try to add this functionality if someone gave me some pointers on where to start.



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