Re: [orca-list] latest orca and loss of speech

I had the same problem with orca and ubuntu hardy.
I think It is pulseaudio that did it. 
I disabled pulseaudio and changed from using gnomespeech to using
speech-dispatcher and now it is working fine.

Take care,


On Tue, 2008-07-15 at 20:10 +0100, Michael Weaver wrote:
Does a much later version of Orca from the version on the Ubuntu Hardy
Live CD have the same problem as regards loss of speech?
It seems like the version that comes with the latest stable Ubuntu shuts
down after about ten minutes and has to be run again and then it shuts
down after even less time or the same length of time.
I need to know before I attempt an upgrade to a much later version but
at the moment I find the possibility of upgrading daunting as I am still
new to grabbing a much later version of Orca as I know it isn't as
simple as doing a sudo apt-get install and the filename.

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