Re: [orca-list] Orca and the HTML viewer in Thunderbird

Hi, hermann,

What you are describing sounds a lot like a problem I'm having with messages from Bugzilla (although I haven't tried reading them using large object navigation). You can see the bug I've filed about this here:

I would suggest that you generate a debug log for the problem you are having and file a new bug against Orca and attach the log. Then, the Orca developers can determine if the problems each of us is seeing are related to each other.

Actually, reading rss feeds in Thunderbird is where I see the best performance from Orca. I set up the rss feed you suggested, selected the most recent post, and navigated through the message. In fact, while I speak no German, I was able to cursor down through the entire page without hearing any of the distinctive (to my ear) phrases being repeated. I could also use large object navigation to skip all of the links at the top of the page and, from there, cursor down through the page.

Sorry that I can't be of more help,


Hermann wrote:
I hope I've set the right subject to describe the following:
I set up an RSS acount in TB, where I've imported some feeds.
When I open an article, it is shown similar to a webpage, so I think
there's an HTML viewer in TB.
What I ovserve is that it isn't handled by Orca as reliable as in FF.
When I search for the beginning of an article using either headins or
LargeObjects, I land on the first line of the article. However, when I
start to read this article either by SayAll or by reading line by line,
I get thrown back to the top of the page after the first
paragraph. (There must be parapraphs, although Orca does not recognize
them; they are separated by a blank line).
Repeating the search brings me back to beginning of article, and then I
can read it to the end.
What does work reliable is to use the LargeObjects key to read the
article paragraph by paragraph.
Steps to repeat:
Set up an RSS account and ad one or more feeds. In my case a well known
address :-)
Open any article and use the LargeObjects key, because they don't use
headings at all.
Sorry for any language problems, but this is the site I use the
most. But I guess you should be able to reproduce this with other feeds.
To make a long story short: Are there plans to write scripts for the
HTML viewer of TB?

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