Re: [orca-list] oralux works great, ViBuntu doesn't work at all.

On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 11:03:14PM -0500, Josh wrote:
Well I successfully burned the latest oralux image, put it into the cd 
drive and it works great! however vibuntu 1.2 doesn't work at all, neither 
on my wife's computer, nor on my own computer. So oralux must have 
something that vibuntu is currently lacking.

As far as I know, Oralux had never been based on Ubuntu, its a Knoppix-based

I do know oralux uses alsa 
instead of pulseAudio. so in the next vibuntu please get rid of pulseaudio 
and use alsa instead. oralux had no problems recognising my sound card. 

If you can start a normal Ubuntu and that workx, then there's no reason a
Vibuntu won't since that's a reamster, I repeat, a remaster of Intrepid, as
you probably read yourself in doc, announces and on the website.

*please make it use alsa instead of pulseaudio.

Someone answered on this list that that problem has been fixed; so is it or
isn't it?

*get rid of open-office, replace it with abiword, if that works with orca.
*get rid of evolution, replace it with thunderbird.

We recently read on this list that Thunderbird wasn't working well together
with Orca.

*also get rid of other big programs that the user can get on his or her own 
using apt-get.

The initial goals is to remaster a Ubuntu with brailel and speech support
automatically activated, so wishlists are welcome but our first goals is
reached IMHO.

I'm so excited I got a version of linux to work on my dell computer! 

I got a Dell laptop in the past and got several distros working with it, as
Vibntu works now with my Asus laptop, autodetects braille and starts


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