Re: [orca-list] ocr success

I think this is one of the greatest achievements.
A few days back some hacker on the orca list had sent me a script for
doing ocr.
I have some how misplaced it i believe and I would request for another
ah, willem was that you who sent me the script?  if yes kindly send it
I have one major question?  will any of the tools mentioned in the
original post do rotation of the image if I place the page up side down?
I think most free ocr softwares can't do it but I will be pleased to
know that I am wrong in my analysis.
I think we really need a howto from daniel for this.

happy hacking.
On Sat, 2008-12-20 at 20:42 +1100, Daniel Dalton wrote

Hi All,

First sorry if you get this a couple of times, I thought I would just
share my experiences with everyone, but if it's not wanted, I won't do
this next time...

Anyway, I've had great success with ocr on linux.
Using the following packages:
scanimage: - grab the image from the scanner
- kies: Front end for the ocr and scanimage stuff
- Teseract: ocr software 
- ocropus: ocr software I believe 

What I did:
Install kies.
next, checkout tesseract from svn and build:
patch -p0 < the_attach-patch.diff
sudo make install
Note: the patch is required to make it compile.
Next checkout ocropus (r864) from memory.
sudo jam install
to compile/install it.
Next run
sudo chmod %s /location/to/scanimage
(note install sane from apt)
sudo scanimage -L
if it finds your scanner do this:
scanimage > imagefile
If it scans it as an image, try the kies front end:
Press space and wait for your document to open in lynx.
To save it press p from lynx and save it in the usual way...

Hopefully I didn't miss too much, and I know it's very brief. Let me know
if there is interest in this subject, I'll place a howto on my
website... I'm also going to (if its ok with Willem), generate a diff to
improve the documentation slightly although it's pretty good at the
minute, and the scanimage command he's script uses needed to be modified
on my system...

So is there interest in a howto for ocr on linux?

Let me know if you have any questions. I would also like to thank everyone
involved with all the ocr projects, and also sane/scanimage.
And I would also like to thank Willem for all his great help off list!

So if there are any questions about this or you would like me to write
up a howto let me know...



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