[orca-list] Orca silences and incomplete starts

Hi, List!

I'm running Ubuntu 8.10 with Gnome exactly as it is shipped on the installation cd. The machine is a Del Insporon laptop. When the machine is run on battery, I need to attempt to start Orca several times before it is usable. Sometimes, Orca will start with "Welcome to Orca", then go completely silent. In such cases, I restart Orca, sometimes getting a usable session, other times, a false start as described. When I have a usable session, It will go silent at seemingly random times. Pressing the power switch on the machine will force Orca to display the "shut-down" dialogue. I hit "cancel", and all is well until the next time Orca goes quiet. When my machine is plugged into the mains, Orca starts, without fail, the first time, and rarely goes silent.

I assume my CPU is throttled back when the machine is on battery? I see nothing in Power Management panel for adjusting this, however. Would, perhaps, a synthesizer other than the stock Espeak work better?

Many Thanks,


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