Re: [orca-list] thanks to the orca team and a suggestion

On 24/08/2008, mike <kb8aey verizon net> wrote:
Hi, I just want to say thanks for your work on Orca. Now that intrepid
speaks, I got two surprises.
First the top panel seems more accessible, and when I plugged in my network
cable, Orca told me when I was connected. Good job.
Wow great job indeed?
how about having the same feature in orca with hardy as well?
is there a way we can have the same accessibility in top panel in hardy?

I do have one suggestion. Is there a way to get menus to announce how many
idem's they contain like gnopernicus use to do?
Thanks Mike.
Good idea.
And as I have been persisting in my earlier emails, orca must announce
font attributes in firefox.  Web pages are perhaps the best place
where font attribute announcement is to be implemented.
How easy or difficult is this to implement?
happy hacking.
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