[orca-list] Vmware Tools disable network interface?

Hello list and VMware-users,
OK, today I wanted to include the VMware tools in my Ubuntu virtual
machine. So I mounted the virtual Vmware tools CD and extracted the tar
file to the /tmp directory. Then, I ran the installer script which was
successfully completed using all the default values. After installing, I
executed the config script, again accepting all default values. Then,
there were a lot of messages which I couldn't really follow with Orca.
After the whole process was complete, I restarted the virtual machine.
Ifconfig still shows the network interface, but it doesn't have an IP
assigned. Pinging Google or the host computer doesn't work, also pinging
the virtual machine from the host is impossible. Has anyone running
Vmware experienced this problem and know how to fix it? Btw, I was
logged in as root while performing the whole install and config process.
Thanks for any help!

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