Re: [orca-list] locales problem in ubuntu gutsy

I must be a configuration issue because not all apps are in german.
The language stuf is mixed up.
Gnome-language-selector does not work it needs root account.
I could not manage it to work with sudo.
Any other ideas?

On Fr, Sep 07, 2007 at 02:47:17 +0200, Jochen Skulj wrote:
Hello Halim,

unfortunately I can't help you right now, because I don't use Gutsy yet.
But the reason may simple be that Gutsy is still in development and that
not all updated translations are included in the Ubuntu packages yet; I
updated the German translation of orca a couple of days before.

Maybe you should also check if all German language packages are
installed on your system. You should invoke

sudo gnome-language-selector

an check if German is (fully) supported and select German as default
language. But I don't know if this changes your situation since you
mentioned that all other applicatiobs were in German.

Best regards, Jochen

Halim Sahin schrieb:
I reinstalled my ubuntu gutsy but can not switch the desktop language to german.
The menus are allmost in german but orca's dialogs were in en.
Language-support-de is installed and
locale -a says:

Wat can i do?

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