[orca-list] introduction

I'm Jude Dashiell from Southern Maryland. I'm a computer programmer and do things with Linux at home. I have orca up and running on ubuntu feisty fawn now. I don't yet orca up and running on debian but am in process of getting that sorted out. Debian I run lenny and speakup until orca can come up talking and I update packages regularly. I have X coming up on Debian but apparently because /etc/ttytype is missing, X cannot figure out what to use for a display. Anyway, I had quite a few surprises in getting my debian box this far. The consolation prize is that another list member Florian Kulzer over on debian-user who tried some of the things he suggested to me also ran into identical problems. Honestly I don't know how any debian user ever got X working, the update-fonts-alias package essential to create a fonts.alias file in /usr/share/fonts/X11/misc will create no such file even for root user. That file is the first default font used by X and having it missing gets cannot open default font "fixed" error message as the xserver system crashes and burns. Only way I got around that was Florian sent me a copy of his fonts.alias file and I installed it. removing and purging packages has no positive effect either. I tried it with xfonts-base and then reinstalled it from the online repository.

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