Re: [orca-list] Installing from DVD

Fedora installs from DVD tend to work better than installs from
individual discs.

However, please recognize that you don't actually need to burn media to
install from the .iso image. If you're not formatting something like
/home, put the .iso there and select "hard drive" as the media source
location when the installer asks where it should find Fedora 8 files.
Or, leave the .iso somewhere in an NFS exported directory on your lan.

Speedwise, the hard drive would be fastest, the local optical drive
probably second fastest. But NFS works quite well, too, even over just a
100 Mbps network connection.


PS: We're getting pretty close to SpeakupModified Fedora 8 media
release--if that matters to you.

Chris Norman writes:
Hi All,

I am considering installing FC8 on my acer travelmate laptop, but I am
not sure if the wireless card (a DWLG630) will work.

I have a drive capable of reading and writing CDs, as well as being able
to read (not write) DVDs.

My question is, can I install from a DVD with this machine? I have
always installed from CDs.



Chris Norman.

<!-- chris norman4 ntlworld com -->

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