Re: [orca-list] Problems with comboboxes

Hi Marco.

i've got problems to read out comboboxes. When i'm on a homepage and try to
read out comboboxes and i'm using the cursor keys the speech only says
combobox but not the text you could choose. Could u please help me with

What build of Firefox are you using?  Combo boxes changed in Firefox
recently.  If you have Firefox 3.0 from 9th May or later, you should be
able to move focus to the combo box with Tab/Shift+Tab or
Orca_Modifier+Tab/Orca_Modifier+Shift+Tab.  Having done so, you should
find that you can choose items with Up/Down Arrow.

Yesterday Mike pointed out a bug to me where merely arrowing to a combo
box and then continuing to Down Arrow causes focus to pop out of the
combo box.  I should have time later today to tackle that issue.  In the
meantime, try explicitly giving the combo box focus.

Hope this helps!  Take care.

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