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Here are some apps where this shift tab problem exists:
the java control panel, can't remember the exact name, but the one suggested on the Orca wiki to test the set up
I am using JDK 1.6 (the version included in ubuntu), and java access bridge 1.18 (compiled from source). As I said the shift problem always seems to exist, just go into the app, try and shift tab, only tab (or ctrl-tab to go forward works). I don't remember this on java access bridge 1.4.5 (I think that was the version, but I think I have also used java access bridge 1.6.0 which I think was OK as well), but I changed to java access bridge 1.18 at about the same time I moved to JDK 1.6.
The problem with the keys (eg. when typing in an edit box) I noticed when trying to use mathtrax, but it may be on other apps, but this problem is only present sometimes and I am not sure if there is something particular I am doing first which leads up to this, so I would be unable to produce this problem immediately on demand.
Let me know if you need further information.
Michael Whapples
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Michael Whapples wrote:
I noticed the following when using orca with java applications. It seems not to be possible to use shift-tab to go backwards through the controls, like it is in normal gnome apps. I am using orca from CVS (sometime yesterday, but it was the same some time before), java access bridge 1.18 on ubuntu feisty. This problem always seems to be present with my set up, but I don't remember it when I was using an earlier version of java access bridge.

Hi Michael,

Can you give me one or more test cases for the keyboard problems you're having with Java applications. The problems may be in the Java applications themselves, since they don't all comply with the guidelines for keyboard navigation. They may also be in the Java Access Bridge or Orca, but I need to reproduce the problems in order to find out.

I'm currently working on improving Orca support for Java applications, so I'd really appreciate bug reports for any accessibility problems you find. It's best for me if you can give step-by-step instructions for reproducing the problem, including the versions of the JDK and Java applications you are using.


I have also noticed another problem with orca and java, but this is less reproduceable. Sometimes it seems that certain keypresses aren't taken by the app. This happens sometimes and does not seem predictable when it will happen, and was present even with other versions of the java access bridge.
I know that on the orca wiki there is a comment about a bug with java access bridge 1.18, but it didn't seem to have any connection to what I have just described. I also haven't submitted this as a bug, as I don't know if orca or the java access bridge is really to blame. So has anyone else found this, and know of any solution or can anyone prove which is at fault?
Michael Whapples

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