[orca-list] How to quit Orca without it asking for confirmation

First of all, I'm not a spammer. I run a private server
for security reasons. The server is configured to reject spam. There
is no need to block my messages to the list just because I have a
dynamic IP address. You won't believe the gymnastics I had to
go through just to send this message to the list. Let me just say I had to talk directly to my ISP's smtp 
server via telnet just to get the list to accept my message.

Back when I installed Ubuntu Edgy I noticed that if I pressed the
insert-q to quit Orca it would just quit without showing the infamous
confirmation window. How can I get the latest Orca from svn to do the
same? As a feature request, I would like to have the ability to set
whether or not I want to see the confirmation window in the preferences.

I've always found anomalies to be very relaxing. It's a curse.
--Jadzia Dax: Star Trek Deep Space Nine (The Assignment)

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