[orca-list] Accessibility of Jokosher and feature requests

I have been looking a little at a multitrack audio editing program
called Jokosher. The program looks pretty accessible, however, there are
things that i can not use yet, or so it seems. For example the only way
that i have seen to import an audio file into the program is to right
click with the mouse in an empty area called "the recording lane" or
"instrument lane" and at present this looks hard to do. Another thing is
that you can not edit something in the program and do such things as
changing volumes in a file and so forth because this is made by dragging
with the mouse, which leads me to my feature requests.
I would like for orca to implement a feature where you can navigate the
flat review mode in small increments so that you can go outside the
objects that Orca knows about and thus getting at areas such as the
"instrument lane" in Jocosher
Also, it would be great to have a drag and drop feature so that you
could emulate dragging and dropping with the keyboard and it would be
good if you could do it with modifier keys such as shift, alt and
control as well as without them. The reason for this is that sometimes
in applications you'll have to drag with modifier keys helld down to
achieve certain results.
Would this at all be possible to implement?

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