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Hi Hermann,

We made a concerted attempt to record all of the Sun sessions, as well as Joanie's Orca-related sessions and a couple ODF sessions. I have just finished going through all of the video tapes, and am horrified to find out that ALL of them have sound problems. Not only was the sound quality a problem (a lot of hiss and noise), but with EVERY tape, we only have the first few minutes of audio and then it is lost.

I see now why folks pay for professional video recording (a colleague borrowed my video camera and tripod, but the camera was new to him, and ...).

We do have video & audio from two Orca sessions from CSUN 2006 (as well as the ODF panel discussion). Please see:

Also, I know that some individuals attempted to make their own recordings (both audio and video) of some of these sessions. If we manage to get copies of those, we'll post pointers to them.


Peter Korn
Accessibility Architect,
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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Betreff: Seeking webcasts of the Sun presentations

I'm new to gnome and the list, but not new to Linux.

I've just started playing with Orca on Feisty Fawn and would really love
hear all the sun presentations.  They would give me much needed background
and help me get up to speed faster.

Unfortunately I couldn't afford CSUN this year, and had I
Asked my employer to pay, it wouldn't have been ethical to attend the sun
presentations at their expense.

Does anyone know if the presentations were recorded and available for

As an aside, I was disappointed that ACB radio, reporting on the
barely mentions all the open-source activity this year. Our ACB radio
reporters detail the access triumphs and gotchas of Windows Vista; they
all agog with excitement about several competing talking PDAS.  The
proprietary notetakers for the blind are very cool, but they can't help
us greater access to mainstream computing, in the long run.


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