Re: [orca-list] please help me testing avidemux under feisty

Hi Halim:

What I'm seeing is that avidemux is hanging. I'm not sure what is causing the problem, though. Attaching to the process using gdb and then doing a "thread apply all backtrace" inside gdb doesn't seem to yield anything obvious to me. :-(

I do notice, however, that the problem occurs when attempting to navigate to submenus in a menu and combo boxes. I don't see this when using other GTK applications, such as gedit and gnome-terminal.


Halim Sahin wrote:
Under Edgy avidemux worked for me.
Now I can not work with it under feisty.

Orca stops responding when I go into the menu bar.

Can someone confirm this Please?

1. Start avidemux
2. press f10
3. press cursor right and two or three time cursor down.
Now the problem should occur.
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