[orca-list] Accessible Edgy install

Ok guys, I took the plunge and did an edgy install from the live CD.  
I'll pass along some observations which may be appropriate to 
include in some fashion in the 
wiki document.

First, when you quit orca and restart it from the gnome-terminal screen, 
all it says is 'welcome to orca'.  I was expecting it to echo the
terminal prompt line.  

second, typing ubiquity brought up the installer, however, the opening 
messages was spoken twice.

Third, the location screen assumed that my clock was set to UTC 
the displayed time was off by 4 hours.  This was corrected by the 
installer because when I eventually logged in, the time was corrected.  
I also verified this by checking the UTC flag in the /etc/default/rcS 

Fourth, in my case, I wanted to overwrite a partition containing a 
botched ubuntu install.  I thus chose the manual install option.  This 
brings you to a screen where you can manually edit the partition table.  
I didn't want to make any changes here but was able to find my desired 
root a swap partitions listed.  The next screen is where you assign 
mount points to partitions.  There are a couple things you have to do on 
this screen.  First you need to assign partitions to the root (/) and 
swap mount points.  This is done by locating the appropriate combobox 
and arrowing down until you hear the correct partition.  When you tab 
away from this combo box you land on a checkbox.  If you want the 
partition formatted, check this box.  
The second thing you need to do is clear the combo boxes for all 
partitions which you are not using.  If you forget to do this, the next 
screen will complain.  

Fifth, during the actual install the progress bar doesn't indicate how 
far we are into the process.  This is a small point but would be a nice 

Sixth, when the installation is complete, speech was silent.  Here,
you need to click the 'finish' button and press enter after removing the 
live CD.  

While most of these points are relatively minor and will likely be 
rectified in subsequent ubuntu releases, item six is a show stopper.  
Does anyone have a workaround for this one?


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