Re: Orca orca and emacs 22.0

I have speakup in the text consoles, but I was hoping that emafcs
which alledgedly uses gtk, would work under orca.

on Saturday 03/17/2007 Lukas Loehrer(listaddr1 gmx net) wrote
John covici writes ("Orca orca and emacs 22.0"):
Hi.  I have orca 17.92 and gnome 2.16 gentoo distribution and I would
like to be able to use emacs with orca, however when I run emacs no
orca controls work and alt-tab does not work till I get out of emacs.

Have you tried Emacspeak available from

It provides very good accessibility to most aspects of emacs and it
can coexist with orca without much trouble. 

Best regards, Lukas

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