Re: Orca orca and emacs 22.0

"Jc" == John covici <covici ccs covici com> writes:

    Jc> Hi. I have orca 17.92 and gnome 2.16 gentoo distribution and I
    Jc> would like to be able to use emacs with orca, however when I run
    Jc> emacs no orca controls work and alt-tab does not work till I get
    Jc> out of emacs. I think emacs is working because I can type in to
    Jc> the *scratch buffer, but nothing else happens. I am using the
    Jc> latest cvs version and compiled with --with-gtk and when I go
    Jc> into emacs, it says that the accessibility module was
    Jc> initialized, but not much happens.
You can use speechd-el extension for Emacs. I use Emacs 22 and
speechd-el under X with speech and braille support and in the some time
runs orca which make accessible other gnome applications. speechd-el you
can find on

Best regards


Jan Buchal
Tel: (00420) 24 24 86 008
Mob: (00420) 608023021

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