Orca ff2 sounds good with firevox can I use it with latest orca?

hello all,
I first want to salute all those who are swetting out to make orca
work with firefox 3 without any third party plug-in.
however I saw a setup of orca/firefox2/firevox on my friend's computer
and found it good enough to use.
so while I am closely following the development of orca with ff3, is
it worth while to still use ff2 and orca or should I shift to latest
ff and firevox?
further more I may have looked at this issue with a rather quick time
solution and I hardly tryed ff2 and firevox for 15 mins.
so are there any known issues that can greatly effect accessibility of
ff2 and orca together?
if no, for example if I can comfortably view my gmail account (I don't
know how accessible evolution is ) and if I can read vikipedia and use
google and general web pages with ff2 and firevox, my needs are
as I had mentioned earlier I have to draft a final specification for
setting up the lab for visually impaired people totally based on free
and open source softwares and I am doing a lot of communication with
the community so I am asking all this stupid (non techi ) questions to
all experts on the list.
and yes I will like to know how to setup firefox and firevox on my system.
in addition is there any list of the names of accessible softwares on
the gnome desktop?
I am suggesting ubuntu 6.10 for the desktop which I really wished to
make 6.06 for its rock solid stability and lts but that's ok, I
believe that edgy is stable too.
my next issue is to strike a balance between the latest open office
accessibility and this ff/firevox issue.
if solving ff/firevox issue needs me to shift to an older version of
orca then again it will be a source of problem for our organisation.
any ways if that's the way then I will suggest people to use html or
letech for formatted documents instead of open office.

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