Orca What has happened to FF3 scripts was: Re: good news ff3 under debian

Hi all,
congratulations to Halim, that FF3 is working under Debian now. But I experienced some steps backward in the last few days: As I've mentioned in an earlier mail, Orca doesn't show the navigation bar anymore; well, that has been fixed in the latest Orca from Gnome 2.18. But the bug with the control key showing headings and chunks when pressed with "h" and "o" still remains. Moreover: The support for gecko controlled caret browsing nearly has gone. When cursoring arround, I only hear and see links, no other elements. Turning on the Orca controlled cursor tracking, everything works correct. When I type a string in the find dialog, I used to get placed on the word, if it was there; this also doesn't work correctly. I have to arrow arround to find it, and sometimes I fail, although I know that the word is there. Additionally the preferences dialog of FF3 is only readable with some difficaulties: When you open it, you seem to get placed anywhere, Orca says something about a certificate button, and you have to move the cursor by using tab or shift+tab to find where you are in the dialog. This worked a few days ago. I think the gecko script should be reviewed carefully to get everything back to its former state.
Thanks in advance for doing this.

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