Re: Orca There's something with Firefox 3 and a11y.

Thanks to George Kraft for the pointer that helped me resolve my at-spi
issues on FC6. The resolution was to upgrade both gdm and gnome-session.
The needed packages for FC6 are now available on the
SpeakupModified-Development repository.

The versions I'm now using are:


I will be rebuilding at-spi shortly to add these as runtime requirements
to insure they're loaded whenever anyone yum upgrades at-spi.


Willie Walker writes:
Please also refer to this at-spi bug, which Rich has made great progress 
with today:


Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
I was just able to confirm this.  Kenny and Krister, I am going to 
assume that you're using Feisty rather than Edgy.  If so, this seems to 
be yet another problem associated with at-spi revisions beginning with 
882. <frown> Using revision 881, I don't have this problem.

I am *relatively* certain that using revision 881 doesn't cause 
other/different bad things to happen, but I make no promises.  You've 
been warned. <smile> That said, if you are having at-spi woes (like this 
one, like registry crashes, etc.) and want to give it a try, you can get 
this revision via subversion:

svn co --revision 881 at-spi-881

Then cd into your new at-spi-881 directory, build and install like you 
normally do, and reboot.  Hopefully life will be better.  If it isn't 
and you want to revert to the official at-spi you can do so with apt-get:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall at-spi

Note to others:  If you are running Edgy, I would not try this.  I have 
vague recollections of reading that some change in the recent version(s) 
of at-spi made it inadvisable to install it if you are using GNOME 2.16.

Hope this helps.  And if you do try it and it does fix things -- or even 
if it doesn't -- please post something here.

Take care.

Kenny Hitt wrote:

I only recently started using Firefox 3.  I have the same problem.  It
doesn't start until I close Firefox.  At that point, Orca can't read my
panels, desktop, or terminals.  With terminals, the results are strange.
Oca can see the data on the screen, but it doesn't follow the cursor.  
With the desktop or a panel, Orca tells me when they have focus, but
can't read anything.
The only way to fix the problem is to log out and in again.

BTW, is there a way to disable the talkback plugin?  That thing isn't


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