Re: Orca Access to system administration apps (Re: has it ben fixed)

Hi Will.

I didn't see it anywhere, so I just whipped up something for Ubuntu (see below).

One of my multi-drive systems has Solaris installed so I figured I'd see what was different there. I haven't yet gotten sound working in that environment, but using braille monitor it seems that Orca provided access without the need for messing around with .orbitrc. Is it safe to assume that this is just a Linux issue?

Finally, I have vague recollections that in non-Debian-based distros you don't "sudo su" you just "su". If folks using other distros could look over the following and tell me what needs to be changed for your particular distro that would be great! Other feedback??

With no further ado....

Accessing System Administration Tools - Ubuntu

When you attempt to use any of GNOME's system administration tools from your user account, you will be prompted for a password. Once you provide it, you will be interacting with these tools as root rather than as you. Currently, using assistive technology to access these tools from your user account requires the presence of a .orbitrc file in /root. To create this file:

1. Launch gnome-terminal
2. Type sudo su and press Return
3. Type in your password and press Return
4. Type cd /root
5. Type nano .orbitrc press Return
6. Add these lines:
7. Press Control O to write out the changes, followed by Return when prompted for the file name
8. Press Control X to exit nano
9. Reboot


Willie Walker wrote:
Hi All:

Has anyone written up step-by-step instructions for how to get system administration tools to work nicely with the AT-SPI? If so, can they please post them here? We also need to get this on the WIKI to help other users get going with this. For example, some sort of step-by-step distillation of the conclusions in might be a good start.


mike coulombe wrote:
No I checked that. Some of the admin tools say enter your password.
Those are not accessible, but I don't get that message either.
Others like users and groups say enter the administrative password.
After three tries it says to run password and exits.
The only password I have is the one I gave it when I installed ubuntu.
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Hey Mike:

Glad to hear you're getting farther.  Is it possible your Caps Lock key
might be on?


mike coulombe wrote:
Hi, I notice orca now says more when I try to use users and groups.
It asks for the admin password.
However it never excepts the one I enter.
This is the same one I use to login so what is going on?
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