Re: Orca Sorry, but the bookmarks menu bug is back

Hello Joanie,
the bug appears again and again, no matter what I've done before, it is
really rock solid.
I start FF3 and then I want to open one of my bookmarked sites, and
that's it.
Additionally I can add that it is also not always possible to scroll the
bookmarks menu on the top level. Some pages will only show up if I arrow
up and down a few times.
While the bug went, I could scroll the bookmarks main menu witouth any
Note: My bookmarks menu is very large, since I've imported a lot of
former IE favorites. I did so by copying my bookmarks.html from my XP
laptop, where I use the Firefox too, both 2 and 3. Btw. without this
Can the copied bookmarks.html caused the trouble? Again: No problems at
all with FF2 under Ubuntu.

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