Re: Orca FW: Some experimentations with latest svn and Firefox 3

I agree with both of you that changing language on the fly would be a
great option. I don't know if you could do it for the whole system, but
at least for Orca with say espeak would be great.

On Mon, 2007-03-05 at 13:13 +0200, Willem van der Walt wrote:
Being able to change languages with the press of one button is a 
requirement with which I fully agree.
I just think that this might be wider than Orca.  Ideally, one would want 
the language of all applications currently running to change when one 
changes the language.
Regards, Willem

On Mon, 5 Mar 2007, hermann wrote:

Hi Ian,
I use Espeak as speech output with the Gnome speech driver.
I don't switch the languages, since this is not so easy, as it might be.
You have to change the language in the Orca settings, and I'm not
willing to do this every 5 minutes when reading German and English text.
But your comment leads me to a question to the Orca team: Did you think
about a feature changing language on the fly? That would be nice,
although I took this idea from a screen reader from hell *scnr*.

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