Re: Orca Some experimentations with latest svn and Firefox 3

Hi Will and Krister.

It looks like you can get to one result, but then Orca jumps back somewhere else.

I cannot reproduce this. I did a search for "CD" then used H to get to Sökresultat and started down arrowing. I was able to arrow among each item of the results. This is with the latest Orca from svn trunk and the latest Firefox nightly build. If you can give me a reliable set of steps to reproduce, I'll see if I can isolate the source of the problem.

I couldn't find the "fler artiklar" text. I also tried navigating around using "h" and I didn't see any stuck behavior. Do you have a particular article you were looking at?

I can't find that text either. However, I am seeing Orca get stuck a bit beyond the author's name on this article:,2789,1013670,00.html

Maybe on pages where there is "fler artiklar", it is being followed by content similar to the content that follows the author's name in the above article. I'll work on isolating the above problem now and, with any luck it's the same problem Krister is seeing. <crosses fingers>

Krister -- and others who have been submitting problem samples -- thanks so much for taking the time! It is a tremendous help!!


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