Re: Orca trace2html results

Hi Lynn:

Thanks for taking a look!

optimistic about the coverage. For example, the graph shows that the where_am_I module has 10% coverage, but all the code is highlighted, except for the method declarations.

Interesting. Do you mean "highlighted" as in "red, no coverage"? If so, could this mean that there is some coverage (i.e., an import done somewhere read all the method declarations), but none of the methods were executed?

Another thing that makes me suspect that trace2html is overly optimistic, is that indicated that 30% of the StarOffice module was covered, but trace2html says that the coverage is 40%. I'll look into this.

One thing to think about might be "lines in the module" vs. "excutable statements in the module". The difference might be attributable to both comments and single statements that are broken over multiple lines. I'm not sure how coverage vs. trace2html handle these things and/or if they handle them differently.



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