[orca-list] orca and braille display settings

Hello there,

Was wondering if someone with customized braille settings could give 
some information of how they got their orca setup customized.

I am running latest orca from svn, and brltty 3.7.2 with a tieman 

When ubuntu loads, and the braille display is detected, it gets loaded 
twice atomatically.
I removed the udev rule so that i could start brltty on my own and tell 
it which config file to use. For some reason once i type brltty to start 
it up, the braille display gets initialized twice and i have two 
instances of brltty, one of which is using the config file i specify, 
the other does not.

The first instance (lower pid) uses specified config file, but does not 
allow for braille line movement in vertual terminals, i.e. I can read 
the prompt, but can not read previous output.

The second instance of brltty, uses the default settings, and allows for 
movement within vertual terminals.

/var/run/brltty.pid contains the pid of the first instance.

can anyone clarify whats going on?

Thanks for your help


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