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Subject: Re: Orca cross-post: braille not working with orca 2.17.4
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I've added Dave Mielke and Petr Rockai (of Red Hat) to this email ...

Willie Walker writes:
Hi Don:

I'm going to guess this problem might be due to the fact that the build
of BrlTTY will not build the Python bindings for BrlAPI unless pyrex is
installed.  You can test to see if the Python bindings for BrlAPI are
installed by doing the following from inside the python shell (to enter
the python shell, just type "python" at a command line prompt):

python -c "import brlapi"

If this issues an error, then the Python bindings for BrlAPI were not
built or installed as part of the BrlTTY build and you probably need to
install pyrex on your machine.

I can now confirm that neither the Red Hat provided brltty build rpm,
nor Dave's rpm passes this test. Furthermore, while Pyrex is available
from Fedora Core as an rpm module, simply adding it to the
BuildRequires: statement isn't helping me. Point of fact--I can't build
from either Dave's or Red Hat's SRPM. So, it seems there's some other
dependency that isn't being specified.

Also, simply installing Pyrex isn't sufficient, as Willie is saying--if
indeed this is the problem.


PS: If a Bugzilla on this is useful, I can file one. Please let me know.

Hope this helps,


On Tue, 2007-01-02 at 16:07 -0700, Donald Raikes wrote:

Sorry for the cross-posting, but Ihave been trying to get this to work
for a couple of weeks, and so far no success.

I have fedora core 6 kernel 2.6.18-1.2868fc6 installed, and have the
latest brltty from svn running.

I upgraded to orca 2.17.4, although this problem existed in earlier
versions as well.

I am unable to get my alva satellite display to work with orca.
I have tried having brltty start on boot of the system, then starting
orca, but no braille in gnome.
if I don't start the brltty before login, how do I know when it is ready
for me to login?

I am a very "visual" learner, and work best with a combination of speech
and braille output, so it is very important for me to get this working

Thanks for any tips.

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