Re: Orca What's happened with some combo boxes?


I'm also seeing this using Orca 2.17.9.  It happens with the Swift
driver as well as the espeak driver.  You can make a selection in the
combo box, but not all items in the list will be spoken.  I can usually
use the review keys to verify my choice once I make a change.


On Fri, Feb 09, 2007 at 12:43:23PM +0100, Krister Ekstrom wrote:
Hi folks,
I am now running the latest version of Orca, (1990 from subversion) and
i have encountered some strange behaviours with the combo box that
selects person in the Orca preferences.
I can't see any selection in the combo box, it is blank, however, you
can switch to the person you chose, at least that's what i think, but as
i said i can not see the text, such as "swedish test" or anything. This
is when running with ESpeak Gnome speech driver and possibly with others
Anyone else encountered this problem?
Oh, btw it seems i can't review the settings in the combo box using the
flat review feature either...
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