Re: Orca accessable web browser with orca

I tried Lynx and Elinks but neither of them could read pages very well.

Could you be a little more specific about the problem? Did you try and
configure Lynx or ELinks to suit? Both are high customizable. You might
ask the list for advice on configuration.

If you do try out the Fire Vox extension, you will probably want to
install FreeTTS to try out with it; if so, I hope you will find the
following instructions useful:

I am running the version of Orca which comes with Edgy

Hopefully, we will soon have a newer version backported to Edgy which
experimental Firefox 3 support. You can register your interest in a
backport in this thread:

Alternatively, you could install compile the latest version from
subversion and install that:

Hope that helps:

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis

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