[orca-list] new user, new questions

Hello all!
    I've just subscribed to the Orca Mailing List.
Firstly, I'd like to greet all its members and say "Thanks a lot" to the development team. It's really great 
that Orca exists, and the blind people can finally appreciate Linux and use it.
I think of starting my adventure with Ubuntu 7.10, and am kaking a preparation for that
but here appears the first problem:
on the Orca web page there is only a description of Accessible Installation for Ubuntu 7.04, and not for 7.10 
(unless I can't find it). 
Perhaps this description applies to both versions, but I don't know where to find such an Orca image, which 
would run Orca upon startup as a Live CD.
Orca gives a link http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/
(version 8.04 I don't want to install yet),
and if I try to run 
, Orca doesn't speak after the linux start-up music has benn played. Orca is not even present on the CD.
May I request for a link to a proper ISO image (with build-in Orca)?
or possibly a link to a full debian package for the latest Orca (containing all the components necessary to 
run Orca, BRLTTY etc.)?
I don't have a confortable, constant Internet connection, and that's why I cannot make use of 
apt-get install gnome-orca.
The next thing is that I need an info, what are the hotkeys for making Orca read the whole active window, and 
to navigating the mouse?
Last but not least, I'd like to ask about BRLTTY.
The Orca webpage says that Orca works with BRLTTY 8.4. And what about 9.5, which I found yesterday as the 
last version in a debian package at:
Which of the files should I download and in which sequence I should install them?
Assume I'll do that.
Could you please give me  a detailed description of how to make  BRLTTY start automatically and work with 
gnome and gnome terminal via Orca, in the way as Window-Eyes does (I mean, providing simultaneous speech and 
braille support of everything I do on the screen)?
I have Alva 380 braille display, connected to serial port COM1, and would like to use Polish braille table.
By the way: is it true that the encoding in BRLTTY and in Ubuntu differs, and that as a result Polish 
characters won't be displayed correctly? If so, how to solve the problem?
And the last issue:
How to use Skype with Orca? I've heard it doesn't speak at all.
OK, that's enough - maybe even too much for one letter. Sorry for that.
I'd like to use accessible Linux as soon as possible as the idea seems fascinating.
I hope that thanks to your help, I will write you the next e-mail using Evolution or Thunderbird.
Thanks in advance for any replies, hints, links and instructions!
Przemyslaw from Poland

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