Re: [orca-list] Performance enhancements for Firefox 3

Hi Janina.

Are these FF3 enhancements present in Orca 2.4.21? Or only SBN for now?

They are only in trunk but will be included in all subsequent releases,
along with fixes for problems people identify. <smile>

Also, is the confusion between down-arrow in a combo-box and down-arrow
for content navigation on the agenda for enhancement? Is that an FF
issue? Do I need to explain myself more on this point?

I could use some more explanation I'm afraid.  If you're not in a combo
box, down arrow moves you from line to line.  If you are in a combo box,
down arrow moves you to the next item in the combo box.  That's a
Firefox thang.  We will be adding commands to move to the next object
which should be useful for escaping combo boxes.  However right now, if
you are on a collapsed combo box, left and right should move you off of
it.  You can also tab away from them.

So.... What should we be doing differently?  If it's a bug, then I'll
see about getting it fixed soon. (Agency holiday shutdown means more
Orca time next week.  Woo hoo!)  If it's a user interaction change, then
I will leave that to Mike Pedersen to discuss and "spec out."


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