[orca-list] how to update espeak?

Hello guys,
As a linux beginner Few months back I was trying to get orca working on debian etch system but simply there is too much hassle that I was unable to pass over them all. Yesterday I downloaded an iso image of feisty and It installed pretty smoothly. I am really impressed how it all works. I was able to instantly start messaging using gaim and receiving mails in evolution. Unfortunatelly ubuntu feisty comes with espeak 1.21 which does not include slovak language so I decided to try updating it. At first I thought I should just download the binary from espeak's sourceforge page and replace the files. But at the other hand I was rather confused whether it wouldn't be better to do things ubuntu way thus using deb packages. So I found and downloaded all espeak related packages from gutsi repository at packages.ubuntu.com and started installing them one by one. While browsing files I simply hit enter on the espeak-data_1.26-1ubuntu1_i386.deb, it warned me that I shal leave current version available from internet but I did not accept that and I forced it to install package downloaded from gutsi repo. After it installed initially I was happy because on orca restart It has started speaking in slovak. However when I restarted gnome I got a message that assistive technologies are not available or so... I cant remember the message exactly. I had to ask my brother what's going on because now orca comes up but can do nothing. Can you please suggest me any solution to this I wouldn't like to install it again from scratch. Of course I still would like to update espeak to the newer version which has slovak language.

thanks for all your replies


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