[orca-list] Using Firefox XUL applications with Orca?

Does Orca work with XUL applications run in Firefox?  When I visit a
simple XUL page http://www.brailcom.org/~pdm/test.xul containing two
pieces of text and two buttons, I have troubles to navigate through it
and understand the contents using current svn snapshot of Orca and
current CVS snapshot of Firefox Minefield.

My observations:

- Caret mode doesn't work in non-HTML XUL text elements.  At best the
  caret is visible but it can't move and the common reading commands
  don't work.

- In flat review I can't get _inside_ the main XUL window.

- Using the TAB key and arrows I can read the buttons but not the texts.

- Using Insert-KP-+ I can sometimes read the texts but never the

- The information about the page contents is available to Orca as can be
  seen after Insert-F8.

So what of the following is true?

- I do something wrong and Orca can actually read the page in a standard

- Orca doesn't support generic XUL applications in Firefox, but an Orca
  script could be written for the purpose.

- Each XUL application should be equipped with a special Orca script to
  be really accessible.

- Anything else?


Milan Zamazal

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