Re: [orca-list] Question about log out dialog

Kenny Hitt wrote:

I'm also using Debina unstable.  The dialog is
updated every 10 seconds on my braille display.
Since I only have a 40 cell display, I have to use the next window
button to see the time remaining.

I am also testing with a 40-digit Braille display. I am not sure whether
we are talking about the same procedure. When the logout dialogue is
called, the cursor is at the logout button. Then, I read the dialogue
with the Braille display and stay on the space where the remaining time
is shown. From now on, I don't press any  more keys on the Braille
display. The display on the Braille display is not being updated and I
am logged off automatically after 60 seconds. I would have expected the
Braille display to update the remaining time independently.


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