Re: [orca-list] sound on feisty

I didn't know of the gnome-speech bonobo activation files, but if it
works for esddsp, then you could do the same with aoss for alsa, which
is where I would like things to head.

Michael Whapples
On Fri, 2007-04-20 at 15:16 -0400, Willie Walker wrote:
Hi All:

I'm not quite sure about this, but we might be able to hack around audio
device contention in some way using the ESD tools.  Here's what I'm

1) Get the esddsp utility.  The esddsp utility fools non-ESD
applications into being ESD applications:

sudo apt-get install esound-clients

2) Modify your gnome-speech Bonobo activation files to include esddsp
before the actual gnome-speech driver.  For example, change line 3 from:

type="exe" location="/usr/bin/espeak-synthesis-driver">


type="exe" location="esddsp /usr/bin/espeak-synthesis-driver">

3) Via the "Sounds" tab on System->Preferences->Sound, check the "Enable
software sound mixing (ESD)" checkbox. 

4) Logout/Reboot.

It's a shot in the dark, but if GNOME is supposed to be ESD friendly,
then maybe we can make things friendly to ESD via esddsp.


On Fri, 2007-04-20 at 16:30 +0100, Michael Whapples wrote:
I just realised I didn't quite read the post correctly. My system
wouldn't improve the case for multiple oss sounds. It might only work if
there then was two dsp devices available, and one of the aps would need
to allow you to change the device (the good media players allow this),
but this isn't ideal. I think you won't really solve this unless you can
move the speech output to alsa. Another note is that default alsa device
and oss device can be different (I have two sound cards in my machine
and oss uses the onboard card and alsa uses the PCI card).

Michael Whapples
On Fri, 2007-04-20 at 16:20 +0100, Michael Whapples wrote:
I don't know if such cards exist, but from what I understand, with alsa
you can configure it so that different channels on the card appear as
different devices, or you can combine two cards into one device. So I
suppose if you have something like a 5.1 channel sound card you could
set it to use rear channels for speech and front for audio. The only
limitation to this configuration would be that you now can't use the
card for surround sound while configured like that. If you want surround
sound, then sound cards can be got very cheaply, consider buying one
specifically for speech.

Michael Whapples

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Are there cards that can actually handle the multiple sources coming in out 
there that don't depend on odd Windows drivers to do it? I don't know that 
we can set a separate device to be used for speech.

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