Re: Orca Weird problem on my Ubuntu system

You are right, Will, it seems to be Gnome-panel that acts up. The
problem got solved when i installed the regular, not the cvs version of
Orca. Too bad, because i really loved the way the "users and groups" bug
was solved. The only thing that didn't work, was that Orca didn't
anounce the changed status of the check box when pressing the space bar,
otherwise it worked fine, but i can't use it, since something goes wrong
between orca and gnome-panel.

Willie Walker wrote:
Hi Krister:

I'm going to guess this is gnome-panel crashing.  It has a very sad
outlook on life and randomly kills itself when it sees an assistive
technology running.  When one looks at the 492 open bugs on gnome-panel,
35 of them have "crash" in their summary, so I'm guessing gnome-panel is
doing some rather complex things that are hard to get right.  :-(

One of my mottos is "if you want something done right, OR AT ALL, you
have to do it yourself."  As such, we (the Orca team) may need to be the
ones to track this problem down and propose a patch to the gnome-panel
folks.  If someone else has time and wants to take the lead on this, I
have no problem with them doing so.  ;-) ;-) ;-)


On Tue, 2006-10-31 at 12:25 +0100, Krister Ekstrom wrote:
Hi folks.
First, i'm sorry for the cross posting, but i am at a loss now, and
don't know what to do and maybe if one don't know the other one will.
I have a wierd problem, to say the least on my Ubuntu system (Latest
Edgi, Orca from Cvs and ESpeak but it also occurrs on Festival).
The problem i'm having is that every time i go into a menu in Gnome, and
it doesn't matter which menu and then arrow down a couple steps, the
system crashes and Bug buddy comes up with an error report. This started
happening last sunday and as far as i know, i didn't do anything in
particular to make this start happening. I'm no programmer, so the techy
side of the problem is something i don't understand, unfortunately so
can't give you any hacker details. I have a bug buddy error report with
most debug symbols in place that i could attach should someone want it,
but as i said, me i'm at a loss as to what gives here.
Thanks in advance for any hints, questions or info you could pass my way.
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