Re: Orca Possible bug with and Evolution 2.8.x

Hi Krister.  

I just did a quick test following your steps (I imported a vcard).  It
seems that once you choose the file, the combo box displays the correct
file type if that file type can be identified.  All of the other file
types in that combo box are grayed out so you cannot arrow to them --
regardless of whether or not Orca happens to be running.  

So.... What you describe is indeed reproducible.  However, Orca seems to
be doing exactly what it is supposed to, namely providing access to what
is taking place on the screen.  What is taking place on the screen is,
perhaps, the "bug." <shrugs and smiles>

Hope this helps!

On Fri, 2006-10-27 at 12:32 +0200, Krister Ekstrom wrote:
Hi listers,
I think i may just have found a bug in Orca when running Evolution 2.8.X
but i want to have this confirmed by others before filing it.
When i go in to the import assistant to import, in this case a gpg-key
into Evolution and try to chose what file type i will be importing, Orca
hangs, but not holely. I can move the flat review keys so i can see the
dialog around the combo box for which i have brought up the menu, but i
can't see the menu itself. Orca reports that i have gotten a menu up,
but i can't move my arrow keys around in the menu and i can't press
return or tab or any other key than escape, making the menu choice
Steps to reproduce:
1: go into file|import... 
2: from the dialog that pops up, choose to import a single file find a
file that's anything elce than an "evolution csv or tab " file, for
example an exported pgp/gpg file *.asc.
3: from the combo box that says something like "choose the type of file
that will be imported" press space, which is the only way to reach that
menu with Orca. 
Do your arrows hang? Are you able to move back and forward in the menu
and hear Orca anouncing the menu choises? If so, it's only on my system,
an Ibm NetVista with 2.4 GigaHertz Pentium processor and one 40 Gig and
one 120 Gig hard drive and 512 Megabyte of memory that this happens and
if so i'm at a loss as to what to do then. If however no keys but the
esc key works and you can't hear any menu choises at all with Orca, then
there must be a bug somewhere.
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