Re: Orca Installing on Debian Sarge

Hi Petra!

* Petra Ritter <petra access-for-all ch> wrote:
Has somebody on this list managed to install Orca on Sarge /testing

I suppose this is not the answer you like to hear, but unfortunately I didn't
manage to run it. I'll try it with another distro and wait for Debian Etchy.

In the list archive I sow some posting on this topic, however I did
not find a message that says wether the installation was successful
or not at the end.

Python still complains while attempting to import at-spi and I didn't have the
time to find a solution to that issue.

I have a Sarge/testing system and would like to try install Gnome and Orca
on it.

Gnome was not a big challange IIRC. Just apt-get install gnome gdm and perhaps
some other packages and that's all. Perhaps you will run into problems while
configuring mouse and keyboard.

Best regards or just mit freundlichen Grüßen :-)

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