Re: Orca punctuation and speechfactory problem

Willie Walker wrote:
Speech dispatcher doesn't appear in the list of available drivers.  
But I did everything according to Tomas page. When I used it in July, it worked perfectly. 

Eeks.  I'm not sure.  We haven't really had a chance to focus on the
SpeechDispatcher stuff submitted by Tomas Cerha yet. But, the error
message you are getting is because the SpeechDispatcher support in Orca
(from the patch - we haven't rolled it into Orca at this time) is not
able to find the SpeechDispatcher speechd Python module.  It may be that
the speechd module is not in the PYTHONPATH.

Sorry for a late reply, I was away for some time.  I guess Will might be
right.  Did it help?  If not, let me know please.

Best regards, Tomas.

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